The San Rafael Lagoon is a proglacial lake connected to the sea by the Témpanos River. It is approximately 15 kilometres long (north to south) and 10 kilometres wide (east to west), and is up to 200 metres deep. Despite the large supply of fresh water from the glacier and numerous streams, the water is salty due to the tidal effect.

One of the most important tourist attractions in the region of Aysén and Patagonia, the gigantic San Rafael glacier has a front of 2 kilometres wide (north to south) and a length of approximately 20 kilometres. Its wall is over 50 metres high, from which huge chunks of ice break off and fall into the lagoon. In the southern hemisphere, it is the glacier that reaches sea level closest to the equator.

The glacier is monitored for climate change studies, traces of which are present on the slopes eroded by ice over thousands of years. (link http://recorreaysen.cl/atractivos/laguna-san-rafael/)


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